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Spoil Gia

Thank you for thinking of me !


My life, and how I live it, is a blessing to me. Time spent with you is a gift that I am very thankful to receive. While I consider myself to be highly unique. I do have something in common with pretty much every other woman on the planet.. I love to be surprised with a thoughtful gift! 

All gifts, material and not, are always appreciated, never expected, and most certainly rewarded. & Although being respectful and punctual is the best gift I could ever ask for, if you’d like to be extra sweet, my little guide below should point you in the right direction.

E- Gift Email :

E- Gift Name : Gianna Lynn

If you are sending a gift, please be sure to send me a text or email letting me know so I can properly thank you.

e-gifts/ Wish Lists

Amazon Wishlist


Net-A-Porter Wishlist ( My favorite )

Makeovers at Sephora

Lingerie from Victoria's Secret

Shoes from DSW

ULTA products

( Click on underlined text for direct link )

Favorite Stores


Christian Louboutin

Louis Vuitton

Gucci ( original print )

Tiffany and Co.


Yves Saint Laurent


Want to do more for me & the world?

Melt my heart & donate to my favorite charity

  • To Write Love On Her Arms

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