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I am thrilled that you've found me & would like to welcome you to my world, Gianna's world. You are now standing on the precipice of our adventure together, and there is no thrill quite like the beginning, Is there?.


In the age of e-meets and omnipresent cellphones, I strive to return a bit of relaxing but passionate, warm and exciting humanity to your life. I long to get lost in conversation with you, co write multi-sensory stories without ink or pixels, and simply relish a bit of this sweet life together. 


No two connections are the same, just as no two souls are the same, but each and every one has the potential to be oh-so delightful. Let‘s realize that potential together.

You meet thousands of people and none really touch you, but then you meet that one person that changes your life forever.. Or maybe just for the night...​

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